How to Apply for Legal Aid in Manitoba

November 26, 2020

If you have been charged with a criminal offence in Manitoba, you might qualify for Legal Aid if you are financially eligible and your case has merit. Legal Aid Manitoba assesses each applicant individually, based on various factors such as income and assets. For criminal cases, one of the things they base your case’s merit on is whether there is a risk you will go to jail if convicted. They use the following guidelines, based on your family size and gross family income, to help determine your financial eligibility:

Family Size                                                            Gross Family Income

1                                                                                 $26,000

2                                                                                 $30,000

3                                                                                 $34,000

4                                                                                 $37,000

5                                                                                 $40,000

6                                                                                 $43,000

7+                                                                               $46,000

Should you decide to apply for Legal Aid, certain information such as your next court date, social assistance case number, debts, and expenses will be required to determine your eligibility. You will need to provide three pay stubs if you are employed.


While Legal Aid Manitoba has their own staff lawyers, private bar lawyers can also assist those who qualify. Jason Malloy is a private bar defence lawyer who takes Legal Aid applications for people facing criminal charges in Manitoba. Contact Jason Malloy if you would like to request him as your lawyer when applying for Legal Aid; he can assist you with your application free of charge.

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